This watch is truly ONE of a KIND!

 An extremely unique watch – designed especially for you!
 This watch comes customized with your specific text “ON THE DIAL”!
What do you mean?
 You can personalize the face of this watch with whatever you like. You do not have to limit yourself to the design shown. ALL of the text can be customized.
 The text: the text-type, the text-size, the text color, the text position.
 The graphic can also be enlarged or a second graphic added.
Is this customization extra?
How long does it take?
 Approximately three weeks!
 * DAY 1 *
 Step 1: Buy It Now
 Step 2: Provide your customization text at payment or we will ask for it shortly after your order is received.
 Step 3: We will ask for specifics: text, text color, font type, etc
 * DAY 2 *
 Step 4: A sample watch graphic will be created with your specific information.
 Step 5: You request additional changes OR approve graphic
 * DAY 3 to DAY 17 *
 Step 6: Watch is created
 * DAY 17 to DAY 21 *
 Step 7: Shipping tracking number is sent to you
 Step 8: You custom watch is shipped.
Will the watch have hands?
Of course, the watch will have an hour, minute and second hand. 
What about the watch?
Quality watch components are used. The watches have precision time-keeping mechanism and a high-quality band, that will last for many years. They are not water proof – like most mechanical devices. So, please do not get them wet. An occasional sprinkle will not hurt them.
Problems with watch?
If you have a problem with the watch mechanism: broken band, stops working – it will be corrected – at no cost. However, the watch imprint can not be modified after YOU APPROVE the graphic sample.